In December, I mentioned some returning shows for the Winter (and Spring) 2013 season in conjunction with my Fall 2012 Television recap. I thought that if I was to continue the series of commentaries about the state of television (as far as the American slate is concerned), I ought to keep up these recaps and reviews. The winter 2013 recap will essentially cover more of the same ground, in addition to the mid-season filler shows.

  • Go On – Cancelled, got too tedious at times and I had a backlog after a point in time. Eventually ended up clearing all episodes of this one.
  • Glee – Season kind of had mixed signals at the end, but it’ll be interesting to see how they switch things around for the upcoming season, especially with the recent loss of Finn (Cory Monteith’s death).
  • The New Normal – Met a normal death… cancellation, and it kind of went downhill near the end anyway.
  • The Real World: Portland – Now this is something that has actually altered the Real World franchise in a meaningful way. With the introduction of actual fighting (near the end of the season), it’s crossed a line that no other season ever had (without consequences). I can’t see this series going backwards now.
  • Cougar Town¬†– Thrilled this got picked up by TBS. Penny-can! Loved the advertising strategy, and it’ll return next year as well!
  • The Americans – I’m absolutely shocked that neither Keri Russell or Matthew Rhys even got nominated for an Emmy. It was absolutely the star of the Spring 2013 television slate, and was the only show I looked forward to more than the aforementioned The Real World: Portland.
  • The Following – Disappointing with such high expectations and promise. Became predictable, and worst of all, FOX broke its captions so that I can no longer enjoy any shows that air on FOX as all the captions for all FOX shows have become broken.
  • Cult – Too high-brow and creepy for the CW. Got cancelled in record speed. Had unrealized potential.
  • Zero Hour – I still don’t know why this show was cancelled so quickly. It was literally the best show on one of the primary channels for television while it was airing its first few episodes.
  • Revolution – Delayed new episodes until the spring. This gamble paid off in spades – it’s easily one of the best shows on television right now, and I look forward to next season.
  • Happy Endings – Had a last-gasp series finale run during the spring. Cancelled, mainly because it kept jumping around in time slots and days, never establishing a time block as ‘must-watch’ by its presence. Will be sorely missed.
  • Awkward. – Came back with hard-hitting awkwardness. The sitch is while it replaced the sorely missed Hard Times of R.J. Berger, it’s more than held its own and is a bright spot in the spring/summer slate. Recently had a Q&A episode while it went on a brief hiatus, but will return with the second part of its season later this summer.
  • Warehouse 13 – While Alphas was ingloriously canceled, WH13 continued with what seemed to be an abbreviated season. The final half-season will come in 2014 to conclude its saga, with the biggest and baddest villain thus far in the series taking center stage for the final story arc.
  • Grimm – Almost jumped the shark this spring. Can definitely see it jumping the shark next season. I don’t think it’ll last more than two more seasons at the most.
  • Melissa & Joey – Always a welcome sight to see on the schedule. Hopefully it breaks the 100-episode mark (usually the benchmark to reach in order to enter syndication). Still stuffing in 90’s in-jokes & gags for those that loved Clarissa, Sabrina, and Blossom. Pop-culture abounds.
  • American Ninja Warrior – Still the best at what it does. Wipeout is a pale imitation of the American version of Sasuke. Will anybody counter Mount Midoriyama this season?
  • Under the Dome – Fantastic start thus far to converting the book into a mini-series. Certainly the best adaptation of a King book into a mini-series since the famed The Stand (1994), which remains the benchmark for all other King adaptations.
  • Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls – Nice summer fill-in show, although the Wal-mart support is a bit annoying at times. Definitely can’t beat out classic summer fare such as Dating in the Dark, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, and American Gladiators. It’s the best of the dregs.

I purposely omitted some popular shows, mainly because I don’t watch them or can’t watch them (ie: I don’t have that channel, or I want to watch the first few seasons before catching up).¬† Shows that fall in this category include: Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development.

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