Once again, another glorious year of television has been entered into the books. Definitely had quite a few surprises this year (and another extended summer season). But as always, let’s revisit my original predictions. Without further ado, here are my conclusions of the 2015-6 season:

  • Scream Queens – brought a much needed dose of comedy (with some suspense) to the fall. Fantastically timed around Halloween and the entire fall season as well. Cannot wait to see how season 2 goes. I’m also pleasantly surprised that it didn’t get cancelled, but also turned out to be one of the better shows on television.
  • Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris – Is this the first thing NPH has failed at? It probably is! What set out as an utterly ambitious television show ended up flaming out in spectacular fashion. I just don’t think today’s current entertainment landscape can support a variety show. It also didn’t help that some of the sketches just didn’t make sense in a world with DVR and liability.
  • Rosewood – While the show didn’t make the cut on my DVR, it was just a space-filler for me. I’m thrilled that the series continues on for others that might find it more appealing than the other options we have. I believe this is the first series that I’ve thrown off of the DVR not due to it being bad, being cancelled, but merely because I didn’t have the bandwidth to enjoy it.
  • Blindspot – After seeing the first season of this explosive new drama, the only question I have now is how many seasons can be sustained by this show? I’d be happy if we only got another two seasons if they’re just as good as the first season was. Some of the concerns I had about storylines got resolved by how slowly they were rolling out the tattoos, and by the introduction of an overarching background story that didn’t rely on the tattoos themselves. One of the best shows on television for 2015-6.
  • Jane The Virgin – Lived up to its 2014-5 debutante season and then some. Definitely upped the ante on how meta a show could manage to meta without jumping the shark. Still remains relevant, delicious, and enjoyable. Almost shockingly has gotten to its third season after having gone way under the radar before its debut. Jane is one of those shows everybody loves to root for.
  • X-Files – If only all beloved shows had mini-series reunions as successful as Mulder & Scully had in 2015-6, the world would be a much better place. And after the unquestioned success of the six episode arc, it might be possible for a few more episodes to be made for the 2017-8 television season. One can only hope that becomes reality. There was more packed into those six episodes than there usually are in entire seasons for most television series. Do yourself a favor and watch them if you missed them.
  • Scorpion – Team Scorpion has only gotten better with time. The second season topped the first, and despite having gotten better – its ratings dipped slightly. I’m looking forward to season 3 soon and expect the season to at least be just as good as the first two seasons have been. It’s always a reliable series to watch an episode of, which seems to have gotten rarer these days.
  • Galavant -And we come to the first true tragedy of my projected favorite shows from the 2015-6 season. Gal just couldn’t ward off the cancellation that was coming almost from the day that they introduced the mystic arts of the D’Dew. I’m an unapologetic Galavant fan and losing the first musical comedy we’ve had in a long time that was truly funny is painful. There’s no foreseeable replacement that I can see coming in the future. Although if a season 3 was ever made, it’d immediately shoot to the top of my “must watch” list.
  • The Muppets – The less that needs to be said about this failure, the better. Let’s just say that besmirching Muppet continuity and going way too adult wasn’t needed, nor was it ever part of the Muppets’ appeal. Once you lose the original Muppets fans, there isn’t any turning back. It was essentially a garbage fire with numerous guest starring spots.
  • Heroes Reborn – A miniseries to finish off the story of the original Heroes Reborn story arc, we’re left wanting more. That door was slammed shut with the non-renewal of the mini-series. But that same outcome occurred with the original series as well, so there’s still a glimmer of hope for some future revival to introduce an all-new cast of Heroes and a brand new world. But even if that doesn’t happen, all the loose ends got tied up into a neat package with the mini-series.

I repeated my .700 average from the 2014-5 season, so I’m thrilled with the improvement in my prognostication skills (or insomuch as it applies to my interests). There’s still some room for improvement, but there’s also plenty of time for my upcoming predictions to fail as well.

Once again there was a surprise smash hit. This past season, it was Quantico – a whodunit procedural that kept us guessing at its twists and turns throughout the entire season. It also introduced America to Priyanka Chopra, a luminous Bollywood star making her mark here. MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals 3 was also a completely delicious drama-filled reality television competition with a stunning turn of events at the end. But perhaps most surprising of all was the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow set in the DC Comics Universe and starring my favorite superhero of all – Firestorm – I can’t wait to see what season 2 brings us. Despite my love for MTV’s The Real World, the recent “The Real World: Go Big or Go Home” featured some of the worst people to ever enter a TRW house. I can only hope that the upcoming Real World: Bad Blood (Seattle) is better, but with that byline, it’s probably going to have as much drama as the Ex-Plosion season did.

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