Yep. Once again the annual delayed television preview post has been delayed far past when it would usually be posted. At this pace, I might just be posting the 2018 edition around Thanksgiving. In any case – despite this being so delayed, I haven’t had much opportunity to watch television lately. So consider this a true preview as usual.

Here are the previous years’ previews:

I’m going to be frank here – this year’s slate isn’t exactly murderer’s row as far as I’m concerned. But that’s not always a bad thing, especially if there are some mainstays that can only get better. Nobody complained about ABC’s TGIF slate of yesteryear, and “demographics” prematurely ended the runs of some fantastic shows such as Girl Meets World. Comedy remains the weakest genre on television, with several failures year over year, and only stalwarts such as The Big Bang Theory being able to sustain an audience for any period of time.

In any case – here’s my hopeful slate of shows I deemed to have the most potential to entertain me for the upcoming television season:

10. American Horror Story: Cult (FX)

Yes, despite the underwhelming AHS: Roanoke, which was utterly forgettable – quick, what was it about? I don’t know! I only watched the first two episodes, which moved so slowly that I simply deleted the rest of the episodes and haven’t had any desire to return and finish off that season after the fiasco that was AHS: Freak Show. AHS: Hotel redeemed the series, so I’m hopeful that AHS: Cult pulls that off this year as well. I honestly haven’t read any spoilers or synopses about this season, so it’s been totally unspoiled for me. I can only hope that this isn’t a slow burn of a season, and not yet another colossal failure. It’s safe to say that this is the final chance I give the series if it doesn’t perform to the standards that I’ve come to expect from it.

9. The Good Doctor (ABC)

There hasn’t really been a good medical series since the final season of House. Let’s be real – Grey’s Anatomy is more about the interpersonal relationships than the actual medicine/medical procedural that we’ve come to expect as a staple in our television menu ever since Crichton introduced E.R. into our television lexicon. The premise is simple – an autistic savant comes into the world of medicine and solves unsolvable cases. Is that a replacement forĀ House or what? I don’t know but I’ve got to give it a few episodes to see if it can fit into those large shoes left behind by Hugh Laurie.

8. Legends of Tomorrow (CW)

Marvel may have already conquered the cinematic universe, but every attempt it has made to conquer the small screen hasn’t always worked out. That realm has always been squarely DC’s. You have Gotham, the beloved Lois & Clark, and all the Batman series you could think of. The latest winner has been Legends of Tomorrow, which returns for its third season after I thought it couldn’t survive a second. The series has been handled remarkably well to keep it sustainable, and I look forward to yet another entertaining season. Marvel has a couple of its own shows airing this season, but I just can’t get excited about The Inhumans or The Gifted. I’ll give each of these a shot, but my money’s still squarely on Legends of Tomorrow.

7. Designated Survivor (ABC)

Designated Survivor stars Kiefer Sutherland. That’s all you really need to know, right?

It’s also possibly the smartest and most realistic portrayal of our current political landscape in the future. A fitting political drama for our television menu. There’s really not a better one on standard television at this point in time.

6. A.P. Bio (NBC)

There pretty much always has to be at least one quirky TV comedy (or just quirky in general) on my list. And Patton Oswalt is involved. There’s got to be at least a shot of this succeeding, even if I don’t have high hopes for it actually finishing out its first season without getting cancelled. Things could be worse – the ceiling is probably Happy Endings. Remember that show? No? Anyway, that’s pretty much the best case scenario for this show, and I’ll probably end up loving it.

5. Quantico (ABC)

While we have to wait longer than expected for Season 3, I’m just happy that this series is even coming back at all. Alex Parrish & Co. can entertain me for another year! This is one of those rare shows that has already jumped the shark and kept on chugging. While some of the major characters will have departed, I can’t wait to see what kind of a storyline they’ll drag out this season to top the first two seasons.

4. Blindspot (NBC)

You know the drill by now. More tattoos. More crimes to solve. And of course, the potential for curveballs abound. While we were left with a cliffhanger at the end of season 2, I fully expect that to be wrapped up in a sort of tidy package at the start of season 3. An explosion of stories should take place at the start of season 3, allowing for multiple or even just a season-long arc to take place. We can only expect more of the same.

3. This is Us (NBC)

It’s safe to say that any show capable of making us binge-watch multiple hour-long episodes in a single day is a sure bet. Heart-wrenchingly real with multiple storylines and character development means that This Is Us will take its place in the top 10 best shows of the year once again. It’s almost ridiculous how long it took for television to get a show like this put together effectively.

2. The Good Place (NBC)

What the fork?! The Good Place is only second on the list? Yup. Despite being easily the most anticipated show returning that aired in the 2016-7 season. Despite that whopper of a reveal at the season 1 finale. Despite being that quirky comedy that everybody loves. It’s pretty likely that the only thing beating out The Good Place had to be a legendary show. But that’s okay. Eleanor, Michael, Chidi, Janet, Jason, and uhhhh… what’s-her-face… oh yeah, Tahani await to entertain you.

1. Will and Grace (NBC)

WILL & GRACE — Pictured: “Will & Grace” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Of course about the only thing that could beat out The Good Place would have to be a beloved classic or an eagerly anticipated television show. It’s pretty safe to say that season 9 of Will & Grace (season 8 last aired in 2006) fits squarely within this category. All the original characters have returned. Season 10 is even a go already. 11 years later, we’re graced with the will of people to reunite and bring a continuation of a timely perspective on life.

I can only hope that I don’t whiff on most of those selections. Here’s to the 2017-8 television season!

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